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Description: Wedding-hit or 200% success !!!

Professional MC (tamada) Elena Pava (Pavlyuchka) and show-theater "Madhura" present:

Wedding sensation! Wedding - performance, tale and mythical story with fantesy characters and entertaining script of the ceremony! The guests will be amazed!...


organizing and conducting


Description: Do you want your wedding ceremony to be held in an unusual and memorable way, so that your guests would not only be satisfied, but would share their wonderful impressions for a long long time?


Then it is our pleasure to offer you spend the most memorable day in your life in a traditional atmosphere of mysterious India. You will feel part of the culture of one of the oldest countries in the world. Wedding ceremonies in India are stored in tradition for millennia history and have not  significantly changed. They always continue to impress with their colorful mood and entertainment. Spiritual wealth of the people of this country would enlighten your holiday saturation and consolidate your family ties not only in this life but also, in accordance with the ancient scriptures, for the next seven births.

изготовление и доставка


Описание: Кондитерская “Sweet Swan” создает сладкие творения. Вам представлены большой ассортимент вкусных начинок с широким разнообразием вкусов, способных удовлетворить изысканных гурманов. Большой выбор фотографий наших работ демонстрирует наш опыт и квалификацию, при этом мы растем и совершенствуемся и готовы принять любой заказ, чтобы воплотить Ваши самые оригинальные и не стандартные идеи....