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interactive dance shows

Our New Year show program will captivate the viewer into a mystical journey, full of energy and life energy that will leave unforgettable memories!  

We are ready to consider any proposal for your program to accommodate your needs and create an unforgettable New Year show presentation.

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light interactive show performance

Description: The New Year celebration has to be the most unique and truly magical! Madhura theater offers to enrich and decorate your celebration with fabulously glowing Snow Maiden and Father Frost, whose images alone are considered to be New Year's miracle. They will appear in bright and shiny costumes, they'll light the Christmas tree, spread magical atmosphere around and bring warmth to the heart. Thus they will sincerely  congratulate all those present on the occasion, giving the show program "Symbols of the year."

interactive light show performances

Description: Madhura show-theater will help you to plunge into the mysterious world of China by its unique light show productions, where you will find yourself surrounded by the heroes of wise ancient legends. Shaolin Warrior will demonstrate his mastery of weapons. Charming girls will perform dancing show with windy sleeves that can carry you to the land of dreams and fluttering fans that will bring patronage of the heavenly forces for the whole next year. And also the monster Nian will appeare to revive the oldest Chinese New Year's legend. All this will help to create an indescribable celebrating atmosphere...