Fire show

fire and pyrotechnical show
Beautiful and memorable finale of any program will be our street fire and pyrotechnic show.
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pyrotechnics and fire show

Description: Our magicians will arrange for you sparkling ( in the literal sense of the word) fire show.
Program: epic battles mystical characters in LED costumes on the story of ancient myths and legends; stilted monsters, belching flames from their mouths, dragons, mythical creatures, burning cities. All this is brought before the astonished audience in performance of the masters of fire...

Description: average or park fireworks - fireworks, the height of action does not exceed 80 meters. Despite the fact that the height of such fireworks is small enough, this kind of fireworks is not inferior to the high-rise entertainment, due to the high frequency of fire and spectacular separate compositions ...

Description: Burning of the Scarecrow is popular in different cultural traditions and symbolizes purification and the victory of good over evil. In the tradition of the Slavs it welcomes spring . Defeated with a huge arrow, the monster (a.k.a. Scarecrow) will fall directly to your feet, throwing...

Description: We produce fire symbols, lettering, logos etc. It can be as your company name, and the name of your loved one. Amazing picture, captured on photos and videos will delight and impress you and your friends and colleagues for a long-long time.