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dance interactive performances

We propose to enrich and embellish your celebration light show presentation of our theater, which will include dance performances from cultures around the world.


You will visit the mysterious China, Japan solar , ancient India, amazing Russia and many other countries around the world.

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световая шоу постановка


Описание: Очищение и обновление жизни в новом году начинается с шоу-мистерии-битвы нашего прекрасного Вепря (символ 2019 года) с олицетворёнными явными и тайными преградами и врагами на этом пути. Умопомрачительные акробатические трюки воинов. Экстремальные и захватывающие дух элементы (кульбиты, фляки и т.п.) Танцы очаровательных эльфов...

light show preformance


Description: Cheerful and comic drama 'Seasons of the Year' , absorbed the full flavor of traditional Russian folklore: an intriguing storyline, the unique characters, charming dances. The originality of this show - it's bright LED outfits, muraculously changing during the presentation according to the seasons - Winter , Spring and Summer  But the appearance of the main character of the plot - Brown Bear...

light show performance


Description: "Magical Lamps" is a story of life of geishas, presented in the choreography. This dynamic dance show with bright makeup and costumes, which will give you a lot of pleasant emotions.

Geisha is a girl (woman) who entertains her customers (guests) with Japanese dancing, singing, conducting a tea ceremony, a conversation on any topic, is usually dressed in traditional kimono and wearing a special make-up and hairstyle...

light show performance


Description: Colorful dance show with colorful masks and costumes. Graceful movements or geishas performing a dance with sleeves and fans, and martial arts of the Samurai, professional sword fluent, introduces the audience to the traditions and culture of the "Land of the Rising Sun" ...

light show performance


Description: Fascinating dynamic dance show with traditional blinding with beauty oriental costumes. Charming girl skillfully perform a dance with sleeves and fans. Shaolin warrior monk demonstrates his mastery of the sword.

light show performance


Description: Two charming girls perform traditional Chinese dance with fans. Nearly four-minute journey into a fairyland mystery country of pagodas and pandas will bring you lasting aesthetic pleasure and deep impressions...

light show performance


Description: Interactive dance show on the eternal struggle between good and evil in the world and in the human soul. Gorgeous and plastic pantomime of actors and dancers reveal the plot setting better than any words. Passionate battles and dancing in the style of «Latinas» make the audience forget about time and space and immerse themselves in the fascinating play of actors.

light show production


Description: Eastern wisdom says: We all like a butterfly flying to fire of desires and perish in it! True fans of elevated art and aesthetics of the beautiful will appreciate this show, which is filled with passion, fire and expression ...

light show performance


Description: In China, lotuses are spoken of as a symbol of purity, the Christians call the lotus - a flower of light, and in India it is the very heart of Being. Energy penetrating the petals of these wonderful and mysterious colors, paint their buds in different colors. Lotus with pink petals - a symbol of awakening from sleep. Blue lotus - absorbs light entering into oblivion and sleep...

light show drama


Description: Mini-drama that is based on the passage from the famous ancient Indian epic "Ramayana" and tells the story of love and loyalty, cruelty and treachery. Magnificent acting, dynamic choreography, original light costumes - all this makes a spectacular performance of the show that takes the breath away.

light show production


Description: Theatrical production about loyalty and love, which is stronger than death. A story about love of Shiva and his wife Sati will not leave anyone indifferent. Eternal theme of love, honor and worthy of death, combined with the magical beauty of Indian dances performed in contemporary choreographic mix, that gives special emotional background and exquisite flavor.

light show production


Description: Dance number is performed by professional dancers. It is absolutely stunning not only by the beautiful movements and unique lighting costumes, but because it makes a deep impression on the viewer with an extraordinary choreography and plasticity. Durga - one of the most revered Hindu goddesses. She is known as the wife of the God Shiva, whose dance marks the end of time and the destruction of the universe...

light show performance


Description: Show-drama is recommended for thrill-seekers and those who do not have enough adrenaline. Mega-expressive show dramatization of ancient Indian legend of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on Earth in the form of Narasimhadev - man-lion. To protect the pious and punish the vicious, God Himself came to Earth and walked out of the fiery pillar in the palace of the demon Hiranikashipu...

New Year wishes from the magical Father Frost and Snow Maiden


Description: The New Year celebration has to be the most unique and truly magical! Madhura theater offers to enrich and decorate your celebration with fabulously glowing Snow Maiden and Father Frost, whose images alone are considered to be New Year's miracle. They will appear in bright and shiny costumes, they'll light the Christmas tree, spread magical atmosphere...